Blue Ivy Carter Jet Set'n Around The World W/Mommy

Blue Ivy Carter or BIC for short in Australia wither her Super Star Mother Beyoncé.
She's an adorable little girl.  I can understand why celebrities keep there kids so close and hidden most of the times. With Paparazzi being as ramped and ratchet as they are nowadays and the rudeness of those comments on the looks of there children being so young can be hurtful.

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé arriving in Australia for the Australian leg of Beyoncé 's Tour.  Oh to be the Baby on her hips. Lol when God is determining our parents I wonder does he run a credit check on your past life before assigning you to your lineage.  Not to say my parents are broke and destitute, but there no Carter's.  (Besides Im just kidding) I don't want Beyoncé as my mother and sho don't need Jay-Z as my daddy.  But a girl can dream cant she.  Lol Sad thing about it, she may be the only one in her family besides her cousin Julez who still has a soul. 


                                                   Peek-A-Boo I see you!