Big Boi's Wife Sherlita Patton Files For Divorce?!

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 Big Boi‘s Wife Files For Divorce:

Following an 11 year marriage, the wife Big Boi  has reportedly filed for divorce.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sherlita M. Patton submitted a divorce complaint in Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday citing that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” The former couple, who married in February 2002, have two children together, ages 18 and 12.

The pair’s split may not come as a shock to some. Last year the Grammy Award-winner raised eyebrows on his track “She Hates Me,” which found the Atlanta MC revealing some of the estranged couple’s martial issues.

“I ain’t got sh** to hide. I’m human like everybody else. And sh**, my marriage and everything is great,” he admitted. “I’ve been with my woman for twenty years [total]. We’re going on our 11th anniversary come Valentine’s Day.”

Sherlita Patton is seeking sole custody of their youngest child, in addition to spousal support and a split of marital assets and attorney fees.


Big Boi is a "Big Whore" so this comes as no surprise.  I'm saddened that it took this long for her to come to her sense's.  I just pray that it didn't take him giving her an incurable disease for her to finally call it quits.  Just saying sometimes love isn't enough.