Keyshia Cole & Jeezy Back Together?!

Keyshia Cole And Jeezy Back Together:
This past weekend Young Jeezy had a birthday party at Compound in Atlanta. Guess who showed up? Keyshia and without her Boobie! Ish like that doesn’t happen when you’re “happily” married.

Keyshia may be looking to rekindle that flame with Jeezy because Boobie just aint it. He’s not handling business and to be honest he’s just not hood enough for her.

Oh, but wait…Jeezy isn’t the only thing Keyshia wants back.

The singer might be looking to link up with her old team again. That’s right…Keyshia wants Manny back as a manager too.

Can we blame her? Look who he’s working with now…Nicki Minaj!

Lets just say…at this point we wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce comes sooner than later. Boobie you might want to get your ish together!



From what I understand Keyshia  never got over her Thug Love Jeezy and wishes she was with him and not Booby which isn't hard to believe seeing as though both Keyshia and Booby have been airing out there dirty laundry via Twitter and Instagram.  I wish for once People who love each other take the time to actually to talk things through.

 Because Booby may not be everything Jeezy is, but we can throw a Vice Versa in there.  Jeezy if he was a family man he'd have an actual family by now and not too say hs kids don't constitute as one but he'd of wifed up one of them Baby Mama's by now if he was about that life.

 Its clear he isn't.  Maybe Keyshia's just looking to be strung along and nothing serious as a Marriage any longer. 

Then again her apparent attitude over the years has screwed her in the long run its no surprise that she wants to work with Mannie again but what she fails to realize is he's working on bigger and better people.  Now if he did it off GP then cool but if he didn't who could blame him?! Just Saying..