Green Carpet Interviews & Pics Live @BET HipHop Awards


My boo Nelly talking about his Upcoming Album and the New Season of "Real Husbands of Hollywood".


Meek Mill Sound llike he Faded then a Mug! But he discusses his new album.

Lil Mama dare I say Looked beautifully stunning at the BET Hip Hop Awards...

I don't know what Scrappy gul Ms.Shimmer was trying to do in that dress but it wasn't the most.. Okay! Hello! Her hair was cute. Next!

I kind of like her music but its just something about her I can't stomach.  She's going to make the headlines one day snapping then killing somebody.  Mark my words..

Let Em Rip Top 3!
1.Miguel & his Chick look stunning tonite, lets just pray he doesn't decide to do another side jump kick across the stage again and if so that she's sitting far enough away she doesn't fall victim.

2. Michelle Williams what are you doing at the Hip Hop Awards? Beautiful though,.Just wandering..

3. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Khalifa (Newly married I don't know his actual name)  But they were on the red carpet looking awkard as hell.. Next!