FashionWk:Kim & Kanye BKA "Kimye" in Paris

Despite rumors of an pending break up of the two, the pair were caught after landing "strolling the streets of Paris Sans "Nori" after leaving the Givenchy offices.  I'm still trying to figure out how you get that out of North, I mean with a name that short might as well just say North.  I could understood "Nor" or even "Northy" ok anywho this isn't my child.  I guess it all comes down to I'm not the one got to wipe her bum so let em call her what they want.  

Kanye looks more at ease lately since he's hopped back in the press and been doing these interviews recently after Nor's  birth.  I use to see him standing next to Kim and just be "Stoic' no expression whatsoever on his face.  I'd seen Mannequins with better facial expressions.  (See below)

I would just sit there and think he must be going through a lot, or has a lot on his mind; I've come to learn when people look unhappy it doesn't have to always be about there love life.
I mean there's other things that go on in people lives other then problems with there significant other.  For example if Michelle Obama doesn't smile or glare Barack Lovingly like people use to see her doing if there together then they automatically think "Oooh I wander why Michelle's Mad".She could simply be concerned if she remember to pack her toothbrush.  That's honestly why you rarely see them infront of the cameras together now; Who could blame them!

 Well I look forward to the beginning and ending of fashion week Im ready for Ye to reveal that line of his.  A lot of people speculated he left to Paris to avoid the press in reference to the Paparazzo he assaulted outside of LAX is pressing charges;  The rant he went off on Twitter about Kimmel Mocking an interview Kanye had with BBC One Radio.

  But honestly him going to Paris has a lot more to do with his Fashion Line and nothing more then that.  Besides its Paris who needs and excuse to go there.  When I get the money I'm taking trips to Barbados for no damn reason at all other then I can do it...Okay! Hello! @Ms_Mobetta