Wow, Little boy Prays too Barack Obama?!


When hen I read the headline, I thought to myself maybe this person in some third world country where they don't understand the sacrifice of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ or the Mercy of our God. 

Then I hit play then went damn, it had to be an American. An African American at that.

 I mean he's 8 its still no excuse considering there's some 8 year old who can go toe to toe with some adults on some of the greater issues.

I think the adult responsible for taping and posting this video needs a wake up call, first of all she had him Thank Obama for all the things he's done for us.
 I would of cared for her to have him actually list 5 without thinking about it.  I myself can only come up with one, I think he gave a stimulus maybe a year or two that didn't make much a difference in my pockets; I appreciate it all the same.

 For all I know they were paid  by the Obama administration to post this silly shit online.. I mean the lady only has one video ever posted.  Our tax dollars gone to waste yet again, I bet. SMDH

Do me a fovor before you say anything ratchet in response.  Sit back with a pen & piece of paper and write 5 things, good things he's personally done for you..That you prayed to him for or about?! Go ahead i'll wait.