The Real Reason Dre Left Death Row! Michell'e & Suge Tell It..

Dr Dre's Strap-on Sex Sessions

HSK Exclusive - Suge Knight and Dr Dre may share more than just the same baby momma … they’re said to also share one of Dre’s dirty little sex secrets! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Michel’le, who’s said to have told Suge that Dre once asked her to use a strap-on dildo on him!!!
“Suge said Michel’e told him … one night, after she had sex with Dre, he pulled out out a strap-on.
He said, she asked ‘What’s this for?’ … She said Dre told her ‘I do you, now, you do me.’”
Here’s the drop:
“Suge told Dre he had to marry Michel’le because if rumor got out he’s bisexual it would ruin how people look at Death Row. This bothered Dre and it’s one of the reasons why Dre parted from Suge and Death Row Records.”