#TGT "I Need" Video @TheRealTank @Genuwine @Tyrese

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The chick who plays Tanks On screen love interest should of made sure they had an acceptable make up artist on set or picked a better foundation.  I mean it looked like she had peanut brittle on her face. Other then that she was beautiful..
I know its akward  being in all male group and not knowing what to do with your hands.. But I feel like there shouldn't of even been a point where they were in the same scene together more then 2 seconds. 
I mean check out the "Girl" by "Destiny Child" Video.  They pulled together; I mean you can just tell there all vying for attention and it comes up insecure for each and every one of them.  It I love the song. 
But come on get it together and accept the fact that you all can put in %33 percent of the work and come up do the damn thing.  You can do better then this stop being selfish and actually bring your hearts and souls together this time.  Because I believe you all can do this and pull it off In a brilliant way.. Hit me up