Teen Tortured W/NailGun By His Own Family?!

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Teen Tortured With Nail Gun By His Family

( 4UMF NEWS ) Teen Tortured With Nail Gun By His Family:

Brandon P. Gunn, 27, and his wife Viviana A. Gunn, 34 face accusations they whipped, burned and cut the husband’s 13-year-old brother, Jordan Gunn, in their Silverdale home in the Seattle suburbs. Kitsap sheriff’s deputies discovered blood and torture tools to support the teen victim’s tale of horror. Brandon and Viviana Gunn, face charges of assault and unlawful imprisonment after cops found the man’s 13-year-old brother severely wounded on a park bench.

Now the brother and his wife are in jail accused of beating, torturing and holding the teen hostage. Gunn lived in College Park with his mother until last May, when she sent him to live with his big brother at his home in Silverdale, Wash.

That’s where police say the teen was tortured. The boy told investigators he was beaten with a bat and even had a nail driven through his hand. The teen said the abuse only stopped when he managed to escape by biting through his restraints.

“We’ve been crying for days,” Jordan’s aunt Marsha Thomas-Jones told Willis. “My sister is devastated because she sent her son to an environment that she thought would help him.”

Police say Jordan’s brother, Brandon Gunn, 27, and his wife Viviana Gunn, 34, beat, burned and stapled him. The couple is also accused of hanging the boy by his arms from the rafters and locking him up for days naked in a dog carrier.

“I feel like his spirit had to really have been broken in order for him to be subject to that type of treatment,” Thomas-Jones said.

Neighbors of the brother were stunned when they heard about what happened inside the home.

“Right next door, oh my word,” neighbor Carole Glenn said.

“We heard crying and I assumed it was the younger child,” another neighbor said.

Investigators said the beatings lasted for hours. The boy told investigators it was punishment for failure to do chores and not returning home on time.

The teen’s relatives in Douglas County told Willis they suspected something was wrong months ago when communication ceased. They said they tried to get local law enforcement involved early.

“If we were taken a little bit more seriously then somebody could have been looking for him or somebody could have gone and searched that house,” Thomas-Jones said.

The boy’s mother desperately wants to get to Washington to be with her son during the investigation. Her family needs help to get her there. They have set up a website if you would like to donate.