"T.I. Pulls Knife on Man @Club for Disrespecting Tiny"

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TI Pulls Knife In Club Fight
( 4UMF NEWS ) TI Pulls Knife In Club Fight:

Let’s file this in “What in the World News?!” Rumor has it T.I. — who was in town along with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne for their “America’s Most Wanted” tour — pulled out a knife at a disrespectful partygoer in The Park at Fourteenth on Friday night.
DC Fab! spies say that a man slapped his wife Tiny‘s a*s and that’s when all hell broke loose and Tip pulled out a knife on the dude.
No word on what happened afterward, but I wouldn’t mess with a man who went to jail for having too many guns. Just saying. Be smart, y’all!

Hey T.I.P pimpin
Hey shorty why you gotta act like that, I'm sayin
I'm just tryin to be nice to you

Go and tell a nigga no, wit a ass so fat
Hey why you wanna go and do that love, huh.

Lol sorry but that song popped up in my head.. After dude did that would he'd been so wrong to bust out with them lyrics.  Don't be playing with Clifford Harris Wife it don't go down like that in that household i'd be surprise if that man made it out of D.C. Alive.  Take note they aint bother to say his name or get any information on him.  He'd be just like anyone else who met a strange accident. Wouldn't nobody even know what happened to him.  Im just saying, T.I. said he aint had guns, doesn't mean he aint got Goons..