NeNe Leaks Refuses to Go back on Wendy Williams

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( 4UMF NEWS ) NeNe Leakes Refuses To Return To Wendy Williams Show:
NeNe Leakes took a lot of heat from fans last week when she blasted reality TV’s newest generation of stars. However, Leakes apparently took offense when talk show host Wendy Williams jumped on the anti-NeNe bandwagon and criticized Leakes for her comment. Now, Leakes is claiming that she will never make another appearance on Williams’ talk show.
The drama began last week after Leakes tweeted her outlook on the ever-growing list of reality stars making their way onto TV screens.
“Just saw a list of all the new reality shows that r coming soon! Everybody is a reality star now! WOW! I gotta go,” NeNe wrote.
During a recent segment on her show, Williams took shots at Leakes over her comments, saying that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Glee” star’s ego is getting too big.
“Everybody is a reality star now. In case you’ve noticed, people watch more reality shows than sitcoms,” said Williams, “You should have just kept your mouth closed because everybody is a reality star, just like you.”
Williams then compared Leakes’ diss to the way in which trained actors have bashed the reality star for venturing into the world of scripted TV with shows like the now-defunct “New Normal.”
“And, NeNe, also that would be like scripted TV stars, in other words, the real actors saying, “Oh, all reality stars now want to be TV stars,” like you,” explained Williams.
“Don’t hate on everyone’s hustle,” she added.
Well, Leakes wasn’t too thrilled about Williams’ comments, and when a fan asked her about Williams’ diss, Leakes claimed she would never sit down for an interview with the talk show host again.