@MsHernandez Try's it and comes for @TamarBraxtonHer

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Joseline Hernandez

Recently she was interviewed by Rolling Out Magazine, (Not to be confused with "Rolling Stone") calling out Tamar Braxton saying "Tamar wished she was a bad bissh like me".. I was lmbao a few times. Now if you know Tamar Braxton you know how she live, hell we know how the dog live". 

If I could die and come back again lol, i'd be her daughter or her dog either one I'm just saying, I wouldn't want too die and want to come back as Joseline's anything and I like her.

Now mind you she's Married to Stevie J honey.  I mean Stevie J holding it down in yawl world and Mr. Vincent Herbert is sho'll nuff holding it down in there's okay. (As I live & breath watching this Mindless Behaviour Promo")

I'd take Vincent Herbert over Stevie J hands down any day.  I'd write a song about it,  In my mind I cant even imagine Tamar being phased by that I can hear her now "She tried it honey, Tried".  Ha Oh she slays me, if you want the epitome of keeping it real honey then call on Tamar.

Tamar took her time and her sound is impeccable last I checked her videos where on the Music Channels, her song is on the Station, and on the charts.  I don't even know if its true, didn't even look it up.  I can just pull that out of thin air and it be true.  I'm just saying if you gone come for her, come for her.  Cause you aint said nothing but a word". Okay you got to come harder to go there..

Then look back and say something like that when you get to where you going".


Despite having publicly apologized, it seems Tamar Braxton is still rubbing Joseline Hernandez the wrong way.

Earlier this year to two engaged in a Twitter beef after Tamar called Joseline a man on Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ VH1 show, “Tiny Tonight.”

Joseline responded by calling Tamar an “old crusty BeyoncĂ© wannabe.” Tamar took the high road and offered an apology, but more than six months later, it seems Joseline still holds a grudge.
Not only did Joseline accuse Tamar of being jealous, she also questioned her talent.

“She wants to be a bad b!t@# like myself but she can’t be. She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years? [It’s been] f_$%g 20 years since her sister [Toni Braxton] was a star,” she said. “I love the haters.”
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