Justin Bieber Searched by Drug Sniffing Dogs

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Justin Bieber Searched By Drug Sniffing Dogs
( 4UMF NEWS ) Justin Bieber Searched By Drug Sniffing Dogs:
Police have revealed it was no coincidence that they searched Justin Bieber and his entourage at the airport on Friday.

Plain clothes officers and a dog squad swooped on the singer and his crew’s luggage as they unloaded on the curb of the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. TMZ reports law enforcement did not decide to randomly search the luggage but were instead responding to a tip off.
According to the site: ‘The reason cops searched the bags is because they received an anonymous tip someone in Justin’s party had drugs in their luggage. ‘Justin’s bags, along with the bags of his entourage, were searched. Cops found nothing.’ This is not the first time police have searched Justin and his crew.

In July U.S. border authorities found marijuana on his tour bus as it tried to enter the United States from Canada. The 19-year-old was not on the bus at the time when police found and seized a small amount of marijuana, as well as drug paraphernalia. The driver was issued a civil penalty and the bus and its passengers were released.

Then, in April, while on his European tour, Swedish police found a small amount of the same drugs on an empty tour bus used by the singer but they did not take action in the matter. This time of course everyone with the singer was cleared. Not that Justin was worried.

While his entourage stood by and watched the search, the baby singer was oblivious to the drama as he had gone to meet fans.

This isn't a coincidence I honestly think there using these situations as an example all American Civil liberties by targeting celebrities and pretending to take away theres.  If they honestly cared about Justin Bieber and his drug habits it wouldn't be hard to track where ever or whomever he gets them from seeing as though the government has been caught transporting and bringing in the drugs.  Hell there the one's dispensing them and the fact there's been a drug war for so long is a joke.