#Jayz @S_C_ aint rode no Damn Bike no where..@Beyonce #MadeDatShitUp

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Jay Z Riding A Bike
Dis Negro aint Rode no bike no where...

I'm sorry but they made this shit up.  At first I didn't understand why all these stories about him and Beyoncé riding bikes came up but then I remembered a speech Obama had in Africa not even a month ago President Obama sat in a room full of White/Black Africans and told them they didn't need cars, air conditioning, or houses; Last I checked Africa was still hotter then a Drug Infested Hookers Coochie on da Hottest Summer day in Harlem. 

 I'm talking bout past cracking up the fire hydrant hot, they hoping for a waterfall or a monsoon hot!!  Most of these people walk hundreds of miles back and forth each day and they don't need a car..

There just backing his Agenda.  Well why would they do that, well why did they throw Fundraisers, Auctions and Functions to help him get re-elected the 2nd time around.  Why did Beyoncé sing "At Last" at his function when he first got elected then again at his Innaugration the 2nd time around? I do know! Do you!

He made that shit up if you don't believe me check the video below..

Now mind you all this didn't start making sense to me until I'd seen this Jay-z Pic because when Beyoncé Came out talking bout she biked her way to her last show.. I knew something wasn't right but when Jay-z Came out with this Bull Shit ass picture I knew what was up..

Both Beyoncé an & Jay-z are an in important Black Power Couple in America to here reports or show pics of them on bikes overseas is an important sale over there in Africa.  Because it backs what Barack Obama had to say, like I said not even a month ago.  When your a true info warrior as myself its hard to let apparent abrupt bull shit to pass by going unnoticed.

I know your thinking what do I care I'm not an Africa.  Well this is just a prime example of how are Government manipulates other countries into there will.  Now the question you should be asking yourself is what do they do to get us to bend?  A whole heap of shit if you just opened your eyes and asked more questions the better off we'd all be..

Beyoncé and her fake as trip to the Barclay's Center. Walking around looking like Michael Jackson Jr.

First off stop posting all the pics riding bikes and show me Footage.. Damn all these fake ass pictures.  Lets see you ride your bike to Miami or Cali Bish.. #StopPlayin with me.