#InfoWars Test Tube Meat Scientist unveil first Meat Patty Devoloped in Lab!?

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Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin funded this operation,;My question would be why wasn't he the first to try this brilliant Idea.  Read more for the drop.  If you click the source it'll tell you how they cooked it up and who actually tried this travesty..smdh I'm telling yawl start stalking up on canned meats like chicken,tina and sardins.  Because no telling how long eating this stuff will mess up all you bodily functions.  They've been looking for ways to take us out anyways.  They swear all black folks gone die with a chicken breast, a pickle or a cup of Kool-Aid in there hands.  Now they want to mess with the alternative meat we settle for.  Well no more ham-burger helper, home made taco's or burgers for me. 
Shirley S. Wang
The Wall Street Journal
August 5, 2013

Maybe it could have used ketchup.

Dutch scientists on Monday unveiled a hamburger made from beef grown in a lab—not raised on a farm—that was then cooked and eaten at a West London arts and television studio.

The lab-grown burger, unveiled from under a silver warming dish, was nestled in a clear circular dish. It appeared to have the texture of raw ground beef but was given its pink hue from red beet juice and saffron. The patty, which also contained bread crumbs and a binder to hold the meat together, was then fried in sunflower oil and butter and taste-tested by a food writer and a food scientist who weren’t involved in the research, at a news briefing in front of an audience of about 200.

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