Ex-Model/Rapper @YesLivCan Snatching Crowns Roun Town @NickiMinaj #Beware

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Dis Bisshh here is super bad okay.. We get so caught up in people model versions of what we want instead of them just being themselves.  That's why celebrities spend so much time in Cedar Sinai Hospital.  They all these different hats they put on and face's they slap on each day pretending to be someone else.
  Nicki Minaj aint nothing but a Black "Joan Rivers" in the making. I tell everyone that may be cute to you now but what til she like 45-50 years old trying to hold all that up.  We seen how Kim Kardashian shape damn near deflated before our eyes when she got pregnant.. I'm just saying wasn't nothing adding up on that tire..

Liv is a breath of fresh air & this isn't the first buzz I've heard or seen about her.  I actually checked the first video of her that came out The Invasion Pt1.  When I heard pt.1 it started making sense, not necessary all the stuff I was hearing,  It was more from what I was seeing.  You know Nicki did that mini reality show, and when her and Lil Wayne was outside flirting.  He said something to the effect of "My Fiance know's what it is!" I was like wow! They aint want to edit that out..OMG  I was just watching the clip and in between sec. 58-1:04 you can see lil wayne mouthing "I fucked the shit out of that, the shiiit". I can read lips ask any def person you know what did he say?" Just look at his mouth and tell me he aint say that 

This Is an Interview she did expanding on her new video that's listed below.  I enjoy her style and her flow she is what's missing in Rap. I'm proud of how she handles herself, she's right Nicki Minaj is a big ass Chicken.  Out here teaching our young women, little girls to be cluckers and look a damn fool.  We need more positive chicks out here telling these young girls and women out here how to do it the right way. 

Just a few of my fav. lines below.  If I could've written every word she said. I would of the whole song is fire so, check out the video below and go follow @YesLivCan go to YesLivCan.Com and sign up...
"This is not a diss cause all these hoes are nothing, as a consequence cause all these joes be bluffing.."

"And I aint mad every set back I had led to my advance; Everybody knows easy comes, easy goes. COuld of took a quicker road but i aint wanna pay the toll.."

Hell I know where's she's coming from being a comedian myself. Nobody can ever say when I get to my pinnacle I slept my way to the top.  The worst they can say is we had sex, I aint say I was no virgin. But they didn't have anything to do with my success directly.  Like we dated he was a janitor for Godsakes.  Shrugs shoulders, I'm just saying.  There are rules to the game if you don't want be walking around looking like a damn clown like Nicki Minaj who prides herself on inhabiting the ghost of Marilyn Monroe we all know who she was known for screwing "Pres.John F. Kennedy".