Brandy Performs Concert only 40 People and a Mule Showup?!

Brandy Concert Only 40 People In Audience
( 4UMF NEWS ) Brandy Concert Only 40 People In Audience:
What do you do if you’re booked to perform at a full soccer stadium but once you enter the stage your audience only consists of about 40 people? This horror scenario just happened to R&B star Brandy who was ready to perform a set in Johannesburg for the Nelson Mandela Sport & Culture day. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t know Brandy was to hit the stage and left the stadium… Brandy only performed two songs before she left the stage.

Africa wrong for that, they could of told them people she was coming.  I know good and well they would of stayed.  Atleast she got her duckets, Im sure before she went so who's the dummy now haters.. #ComeAgain.  You go girl a lot people cant get out the bed to sing, much less hop on a 18-24 hour flight to do it.  So You keep doing yo thang!  It was honestly the people loss, I feel bad they didn't get to see you.