WTF!! Skunk With Rabies Bites 5MO Baby In The Mouth

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Skunk With Rabies Bites Baby In The Mouth
( 4UMF NEWS ) Skunk With Rabies Bites Baby In The Mouth:

A rabid skunk attacked a 5-month-old Minnesota boy on Thursday, biting him several times on the face and even “inside of his mouth,” according to local police.

The attack happened at a day care in Little Falls, Minn., according to NBC affiliate station KARE-TV. The woman who owns the daycare turned her back on the child for a moment as he reclined in a bouncy-chair when she suddenly heard him yelp, then turned around to see a skunk walking away.
“The child had what looked to be bites and/or scratches all around its face, and one inside of his mouth,” Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said. “He got bit a number of times. And it was an unusually large skunk, almost the size of probably a cocker spaniel.”

The daycare owner’s husband shot the skunk before it could get away, and lab results later showed the animal had rabies. At least five rabid skunks have been found in the county this year, KARE-TV noted.

I'm thinking to myself this skunk was as big as a Cocker Spaniel and he was able to sneak up behind the lady apparently prior to her turning around to check on the other child for that to happen so quickly he'd had to just been approaching when she was about to turn around...Now take a look at the pic below of a Cocker Spaniel and tell me that you wouldn't of been able to see that coming.