#TwitBeef @Ms_Mobetta Going in on @SeanHannity #FreeLilBoosie

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Now I use to love me some "Hannity" until he started talking all this Zimmerman Situation as "One Big Misunderstanding".  I just wanted him to take serious thought about it, knowing we as Americans want to see the same kind of justice that would of been bestowed on a grieving white family had it been there child.  Not there grown adult child (Even still) but an actual child. He had just turned 17 like 2 weeks prior.  He didn't even have facial hair yet.  I don't believe it had anything to do with race but for the simple fact he took his volunteer job to seriously and because of that an "Innocent" Life was lost.  I swear before God you say anything else about this being "One Big Misunderstanding" im going to start a petition to have you taken off the air. In the words of "Lil Boosie" I'm loose as goose don't get me started". #FreeLilBoosie why you over here on Zimmermans Nut's. #MobettaStrong & Growing.. : ) Check my tweets below..Lets hope for a response..#IDoubtIt

Im not thinking about spell check via my phone when im going in on twitter but you get the gist of what I was saying.