Truth Straight from the UK

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This man straight from the UK keeping it real for the world.. Everything sums up in a nutshell everything I've been saying and simply put "Freedom aint Free" you got to pay for it. In pain, sweat, blood and tears.  It'll come a day were people will wake up.  I suggest you start working on triggering the thought in your mind its coming or accept the fact you have to seek out knowledge before you can even see the helm of the truth.

I think he said it best when he said he aint give a damn about the royal baby.  Not to be rude there's other babies out there born the same day without s golden nipple in they mouth.  They already have this child's life planned out for him.  Not much excitement there.  He's like a royal prisoner.  He wont be able to do a damn thing with how we are in the media today.  They'll have that little boy so locked down it'll be amazing to see him leave for school.