The real reason why Black People should support "Stand Your Ground" #MobettaThoughts (Video)

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                             (States in Red Have "Stand Your Ground Law")
Before you start reading into what I have to say, I'd like for you to look up one word that once you read the definition and understand what it means the clearer what I'll have to say will be; That word is "Propaganda" (Click link to left read wiki definition, its pretty simple def.)  Now the main part of the definition I'd like you to focus on is  "Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes".  Now if you reflect on everything that's happened in the past few months and put it all together all of this starts adding up.  Let's start with the fact that when "Sandy Hook" happened and the President Obama stood up for the "lives" of those children and wanted to take our guns the "Main Stream Media" held no objection to him speaking on changing laws on behalf of there names. 
Members of the White House themselves were quoted in the past saying things like "A Crisis is a horrible thing to waste". Yet people still allow themselves to be sucked into these views they themselves wouldn't hold unless someone told them to.  Now the media wants to take the time to say the President exacerbated the situation with the Zimmerman case when he said "Trayvon Martin could of been my son".  Which I believe it plays into it, but I also believe there using that situation to add fuel to the "Race Fire" there trying to start because there trying to exploit there indifference in both the cases, to cause confusion and hate. 
I get into arguments with people all the time who have little to no facts to base it off other then what crap there being fed via the Main stream media.  Whom a majority of the time are afraid to speak the real truth because the men behind the curtain running the show there has strong political ties with the President or Bilderberg themselves; Bilderberg themselves whom come out of no where "Summer of 2013" out the dark ages claiming that they haven't been a secret society. Openingly discussing what they talk about, providing list of who all attended.  Now they have a websit with there most recenet meetings listed.  Take note they only mention 2011-2013 makes you wander how have you been this well established open society but your just now opening up a wiki and a web page where people can find you.   Although you have so called "Conspiracy Theorist"  who've been reporting on this well kept "Secret Society" for decades while being called kooks, weirdo's and Conspiracy pirates.  Are you following me so far, so back to what I was saying about Crisis being a terrible thing to waste.  With what's going on in Egypt right now with Millions Uprising in a Coup by removing President Morsi from power with the Egyptian Army enforcing the removal and the replacement within weeks time. 
Makes you wander well what does that have to do with me, I'm in America". 
Who care's what's going on over there I'm worried about what's happening at home.  Well that's the problem what's going on over there does directly affect what's going on here.  The fact we provide the Egyptian Army over a Billion Dollars in aide is a problem for me seeing as though my taxes are paying for it.  I'd expect you to be upset to especially with the IRS Fraud there trying to sweep under the rug from the denying groups Tax exempt status if they were Liberals or Tea Party supporters.  Now the video I post is me expanding on why we should support the "Stand Your Ground Law" and the end of the video is primarily for wiping the smug look off of Hannity's face.   You have the "Benghazi Gate", NSA Spying on Americans, IRS Scandal and Gun Laws there trying to pass to take away your right to bear arms".  You have all these thing there trying to take your mind off of with this Zimmerman Trial.  Now I agree he should be tried for violating Trayvon Martin's Civil liberties but I don't think we need all these protest and riot's to repeal the Stand your ground law..
  How convenient how Paula Deen Comes out with all these statements about using the N word before, Reese Witherspoon racist rant all this stuff just coming at once its not a coincendence.  I gurantee you anyone who supports the right "To Bear Arms' that's a white American there going to be labeled as a racist whether they supported the Zimmerman verdict or not.  But where black folks are messing up are going out and attacking white people, you don't know where they stood on that verdict to cause harm to them. Your only making it worst.  Take the time to know wtf your talking about before you go out acting a fool. It so much more I can say I rather you go ahead and watch the video I've been trying to introduce the last past paragraphs.  Your going to have to dig deep people.