@TeyanaTaylor "I knew this Chick was Parched" (Thirsty)

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Brandon Jennings has been on and off with Teyena Taylor for 3 years — but we’re getting word the Milwaukee Buck may not be feeling the G.O.O.D. Music recording artist as much as she’s feels him. Know why?
Sources reveal the 23-year-old NBA point guard was recently flaunting an image of her serving him a professional, to a group of his boys, at a Milwaukee nightclub.
This, while we’re told 22-year-old Teyana Taylor was scouring the room to recruit women to join them for a smash session. That’s why sources say the baller treats Teyana as nothing more than a prostitute.
“While Brandon and Teyana were at the club, he was showing us pictures of Teyana gettin’ down. At the same time, she was walking around the club recruiting girls for him. Teyana plays the virgin role, but Brandon tricks her off like a prostitute.” See #NowReally Case #001 $$$ Vs.@TeyanaTaylor