Super C B*K*A Ciara Selling New CD on Groupon!? #Wow

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( 4UMF NEWS ) Ciara Sells New Album on Groupon:
Ciara Princess Harris — better known as Ciara — is trying to revive her slagging album sales by offering it as a deal with Groupon. Groupon is known as the industry leader in selling-you-things-you-don’t-really-want-at-a-steep-discount. The Groupon deal offers her new album (aptly titled Ciara) alongside Ciara’s Greatest Hits for a super-low price.
It’s a shame, actually, because the album isn’t terrible. It even features pop rapper Nicki Minaj on a couple of impressive verses.
As for Ciara, her album has been performing better than expected — more than 60,000 copies were sold in its first week of release. It appears, though, that this Groupon deal is just to juice the numbers at a faster rate.