Scrappy Calls out Erica on #LHHATL Reunion Show (Abortion)

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Thirsty Much....
I'm so excited for the LHHATL reunion show, apparently there's more stains on Erica's dress then the eye can see.  Scrappy reveals how Erica Dixon had an abortion by a married man ,before there engagement.  Now depending on who you might hear the tea from this Supposed married man is a NFL Player for the Atlanta Falcons. 

They never confirmed whether he was black or white..When I heard that my mind automatically went to Kroy Biermann, we all know how fertile he is.  But Kim be to far up his ass for him to cheat, then again they really seem like they love each other.  So if someone even hinted to him i'd be (Im shocked at myself)  Shay Buckeey Big Mouf Ass is the one who spilled the beans on Power 105.1 the Breakfast Club.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact she wasn't there.. Or atleast I don't remember seeing her Krusty azz in any of the pics I posted from behind the scenes.. Shay pointed out on there to note that it is Erica who's the thirsty one..smdh They both are ya ask me..But i'd have to admit they all have the realist story line on LHHATL everybody else is a Fa├žade.