@Rocko4real Host Eye Candy Saturdays at Dream

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                       Him so Handsome...ummm I'm groupie but Rocko can get it..okay and probably got it that night from somebody..Check the pics..
 This weekend Rocko Da Don stopped in Dream Grabbed the mic and climbed ontop of the DJ both with NFL Star Greg Little and put on a show

       So Super Fly Sexy.. He be decked the hell out!

                            Give it to em den....

(Marlo Hampton Reject) Does this Bishh have blush on her forehead?! (Yes) (For Why?, Not what but why?)

The girl on the left just had a baby, the girl in the middle about to have one and the one to the right gone get knocked up tonite..Im just saying there all beautiful women..

Okay so the women to the left are the girls to the left mama's..Looks like it don't it..Thats why you have to be careful who you pose with...lol


Figures if she in a picture with her..No need to say anymore

She cute..How old is she though..I'd check the license and the birth certificate! IJS!



Looking like a thugged out John Legend...

Rocko Turnt up standing on the Stage w/the DJ!