Reality TV Lies Kenya Moore/ Kirk & Rasheeda Frost

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Kenya Moore at Fulton County Courthouse
I received an email from a friend who is in the legal field. He covers court cases for another media entity. It finally dawned on him yesterday that the whole Kenya Moore eviction debacle is just another stunt to boost TV ratings and to draw attention to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” tv series. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’ve been saying this all along about reality TV shows using the court system to boost ratings. Read the email after the break.

I received a tip the other day that Kenya Moore would be in eviction court in Fulton County fighting her landlord in a dispute over monies. Since I was in the building at the time, I went over to the courtroom and watched the proceedings. At first I felt sorry for Kenya Moore as it appeared that her landlord in question was just being petty with the filing.
Even the presiding judge didn’t really understand why a case involving such a small amount was before him, especially since the landlord alleged through her attorney (she never showed up personally) that Kenya owed 800.00 in utility fees. Conveniently, Kenya told the judge she would be voluntarily moving today (July 11) and that she would surrender the keys. However, after the court went into recess, I wanted to interview Kenya myself about what had transpired. A guy by the name of __________ who he identified himself as her brother said Kenya would be doing an interview downstairs once she came outside.
What I didn’t realize was that there was Bravo production crew outside the courthouse and someone by the name ________ told me that if I wanted to talk with Kenya, I would have to sign a release and confidentiality agreement, which of course I refused to do so. As I told her, I was there reporting on a story and was not interested in being on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
What I decided to do … was to ask her my question anyways.
Once [another reporter] concluded his questions for Kenya, I shot my question to her while the Bravo cameras were still rolling and asked her about the dispute involving her late fees her landlord is alleging she still owes.
While she didn’t answer my question directly, her attorney did respond and she just nodded in agreement to her response.
Here is where it got ugly, the Bravo producer, identified as _________, became indignant with me and said what I did was “whack” and that I should have signed the release if I wanted to ask her a question. Why the heck would I do such a thing?
Again I told her that I was not there for the purposes of being on the reality show and said that as a reporter I was there covering a story.
I truly believe that the entire court case was staged and possibly even her “landlord” might have been in on it.
By the way, I also believe Kirk and Rasheeda are faking their marital woes. I was in California during the BET Awards weekend and I received a call from their attorney who happens to represent ____________ saying she had a story for me. I said which one of them did she represent and she said both. That raised a red flag for me because if they are in fact getting a divorce, why is she representing both of them? She never told me what exactly the story was, but that there would be a filing very soon with the court. My only guess is that they will be filing a bogus divorce as well