@NickiMinaj & #DJKhaled Proposal & Restraining order Marketing ploy?!

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This that bullshit I be talking about, I knew this was to stupid to be true. The fact Nicki Minaj was so hush hush til now.  In the back of my mind I wanted to believe it was true simply because DJ Khaled is super whack outside of his music.  But after listening to the song they claim they were promoting "I Want to be With you" Ft. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Future I can see why they felt as though they needed some kind of hack ass promotion to get it rolling.

 This song my 8 year old niece could of wrote, there was no originality to it, it was just Future on the Hook going "I want to be with you" I sear I didn't hear anything else.  I was like wow!  TI cant hear Nicki Minaj or Ross over this whack ass beat Khaled did.  Click Here for Nicki's Funk Master Flex Interv. Admitting Marketing Hype for this whack ass song..

Im wondering how they all walked out like this shit is banging.  He must of had them record over the tempo then added the beat cause in my mind i'm like how'd half the shit they said even came out of there month.  This is straight to CD work known as no radio play, I'd be surprised if someone didn't skip this track on the record.


I think I get more offended then most by listening to this song because.  I have a standard about music you should never do a song that you cant process your exact emotions on correctly.  Like if your going to sing about wanting to be in love.  Be someone who likes to do that.
  If you want to sing about partying all the time do that.  But "I want to be with you", not to say
there's no one either one of them want to be with. 

But let's face it Nicki Minaj Been in a "Relationship" with SB for like ever and wont admit that's her man.  Rick Ross say he got a GF but you know he still the biggest hoe around, Khaled who you know he's dated, or dating and Future come on now he's with Ciara.  Not to say who hasn't been but you'd think she'd learn by now dating guys in the industry.  Ok come one she's been the w/ Bow Wow, 50 cent and some guy who played some sport I don't know.

 But I can honestly say one of the fear's I've had in the past is trying to meet a guy after I've made it. Because its harder to find someone who's genuine and you can trust and after being lead on this wild goose chase with these negroes and there falsified stories it just goes to show you, you cant believe some things some of the time and you cant believe all things all of the time.. smdh