MB's Push Children off Building and Hack them to death! (Warning..Graphic)

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Muslim Brotherhood Members Kill Innocent Egyptian Children... smdh

I know your thinking well what does that have to do with me.  Well lets start with the fact that this is all being done in our name and with our tax money.  How do I come to this conclusion, well i'm going to leave it to you to do the proper research before you call me a lie.  We openly started funding the Muslim Brotherhood within the past two years, not that its nothing new.  They just decided to allow that to come out of the bag.  What's going on in Cairo is what i'd like to call a "Renaissance of Spirit", because there are many in the works as of now good and evil. This doesn't make any sense to us because were not there, and in our minds we couldn't fathom anything like this happening.  But im certain there was a point in time the citizens of Cairo, Egypt felt the same way at one point in time.. Lets all Pray..(Warning very Graphic) Click to see video