Hollywood killed another one..

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Cory Monteith Glee actor who was engaged to a "Glee" Co-star Lea Michelle who claims "He kept me in the dark about his drug abuse", died this past week of an overdose of Heroin and Alcohol.  What baffles me as I sit here is there saying he'd just finished a movie playing one of his darkest roles ever.   Ring any bells....Why is it that just about anyone who has a roll in Hollywood, right before they die.  They potray a "Dark Roll", and end dying alone and abruptly.  Coindence?! I think not.. Like  Heath Ledger wasn't he just the joker in the Batman movie prior to the last one with Bane.. He did that roll and people around him were so quick to say how deep he had gotten into the roll.  Keeping a sadistic journal based on Jokers Character..

  Why would you give an admitted recovering drug addict a role of that, and in Hollywood they push you to go all the way in.  They encourage there co-stars to mingle married or not especially if they have opposite roles of each other and there love interest.  Lord forbid they have a sex scene they probably actually want to see you have sex.  Yea we'd like to think they were pretending.  But til this day I honestly believe Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton banged the hell out of each other on "Monsters Ball".  Lol don't act like you don't remember that scene.  Not to say that was a dark movie but just an example.

 I like how recently the slut Kirsten Stewart backed out of a movie she was originally set to star with Tom Cruise in as his love interest, until he was replaced by Denzel Washington.  Why would it matter unless she was a racist and didn't want to have to bang a Black man.. lol Im joking I don't know why she backed out, I just thought it was funny she did when that happened.. But seriously Hollywood isn't just lights, camera action.  There's more to it then the eye can see..

You think there just putting out great imagery, but that imagery is what helps alters our minds, perceptions, goals and morals.  That's why its so important we not only watch or monitor what we allow our children to see, but also what we intake.  Especially if we say were doing it for entertainment purpose, I always go to the movies asking myself "What crap are they really trying to say in this movie; I don't base it off what is heard but also what I see.  So I can only imagine what this movie is about Cory last movie was about.  But we shall see.

Remember Heath Ledger, Aaliyah, Cory Monteith,,,