GunPlay doing features for $250.00 @RickRozay got em #Starving..

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Gunplay Faces Financial Hardship!!! by Jacky Jasper
Rapper Gunplay Broke

HSK Exclusive - Being a Maybach Music recording artist doesn’t necessarily mean having the funds to buy a Maybach, let alone cover monthly living expenses. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Gunplay, who’s reported to be charging some recording artists just $250 for the lyricist to lace a track.
That’s because Gunplay — whose real name is Richard Morales Jr. — is said to be hurting for cash. Just ask his accountant!
Here’s the drop:

“Rick Ross got Gunplay starving. Dude is doing features for a chicken scratch. If you got $250.00 you could get Gunplay on your record.”