Gun Control & Why we Shouldnt Have it?!

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The problem with gun control is okay so the government confiscates every law abiding citizens guns.  Alright well what about those who don't abide the law, they still have one. 

Most Americans  have lost the feeling or the point of having a gun.  Lost the Moral of the 2nd Amendment ("The Right To bare Arms") Our founders knew the importance of having such an amendment and I'm here to remind you not only as a Black Woman who enjoys her "Safety", but as an American who loves her "Freedom" to do with as I please and if that means owning a gun, then so be it. 

So many time's in our worlds history over the past 100 years great examples of Governments taking away access to gun's you see those people lose there choices in life and there freedoms. 
Hitler with killing mllions of  Jew's and never mind the countless Germans the Nazi's killed.  You go oh but wasn't Hitler a German Politician, yes its called Democide, "the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder." ( The Nazis thus killed over 762,000 Germans).  Castro with the Cubans, did the same thing in Cuba while trying to enforce his Marxist Government on the people killing (depending on who's guestimate) over 30,000 people; Joseph Stalin with the USSR (Soviet Union). So, you ask how can you do this to your own people, oh now your concerned, nobody likes to hear the truth.

The truths been far to long gone you have to wander is it to late to make a difference and all I can tell you from experience is, its never to late.  Now if we all don't pay attention to what there trying to do with this UN Gun Treaty they've been trying to sign and pass into law for the past 5 years, then its going to be to late.  I know your thinking this treaty doesn't affect me, yes it does.  Because that means every Gun wielding law-abiding citizen has to turn that in. Check Out This Story:Rep. Luis Gutierrez calls for House hearings on Trayvon Martin, gun control

Still don't get it do you? Well that means the only people who gone be walking the streets with guns are crooks, cops and crooked ass cops.  Now think about 80 mil or more Trayvon Martin's walking round.  Shot and killed and time they feel like it and no one will be able to defend themselves.  The gun treaty is to leave all us but those who matter (The Criminals they give guns to, on record) to rule and depress us.  The UN Gun treaty allows only the government to hold the power of the Gun.  Look at all the Greece, Spain and Cyprus protest, rally and wars there having on Austerity.  They breaking off pieces of the side walks making malatov Cocktails and throwing them at the police; Not that i'm saying that they should be shooting the police but if they wanted the option to return fire they sho' don't have it.  Its sad and its funny at the same time watching them break off pieces of buildings, ground and signs to fight with the police.  Who have on all this tactical gear and military style weapons of defense but that's all they have.  So you have to ask yourself what would be your weapon of choice. Mine sho' aint that raggedy ass piece of brick my building made out of. 

You have to remember there concrete structures have been there for Thousands of Years... We think about shit like sidewalk and building like, o we can rebuild if they do it would never be structurally the same.  They literally carved much of there city out of the stone that was there.. That's not easily replaced, a lot of what they were breaking off. smdh.  Now look at a picture of Detroit

You break off a piece of any of these buildings in Detroit, the structure liable to give way and come tumbling down on you.  That's what I mean by structurally sound.  They can break off pieces of they building and Greece and be left still standing.  So imagine a war or protest breaking out in that manner here, say if our Government cut off access to produce and fresh foods to millions of Americans.  How are you even as a human being not only be able to defend yourself from thieves or other people like you who are just as hungry and ready to kick in your front door for them last box of twinkies. 

Who's going to come and save you when on average the person dialing 911 in America ends up dying on average 6 out of 10 times prior to the cops or Ambulance getting there, now you got factor in the fact they hungry to.  So now you got cops robbing you for food, cause now they have all these drones to keep us in check what do they cops or troops for?! Hence John Conner, you think terminator was this great movie when all it is was a prologue to get you to accept the fact that we will become this technically advanced.  I don't know about you but I don't care to be monitored 24/7 nor have my rights stripped away.