@Gucci1017 Gucci Man Caught Cruisin the Airport " I'll take yo man"

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Caught Cruisin’ @ATL Airport!

HSK Exclusive - Gucci Mane is being exposed as not only lacking common courtesy, the rapper’s also proven to be cruisin’ while traveling. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the woman whose boyfriend Gucci reportedly tried to pick-up at Atlanta’s Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport.

According to the woman, that’s while she and her man were traveling through the airport — and were “clearly a couple.”

“Gucci Mane acted like I wasn’t even standing there, next to my man, asking my man ‘Where’s baggage claim?’


Here’s the drop:

“My boyfriend asked Gucci Mane ‘Aren’t you from Atlanta?’ Gucci Mane said he was. This was all happening while am standing right next to my boyfriend! Gucci Mane was so bold! He asked my boyfriend ‘Do you want to take a picture with me?’ … My boyfriend told him ‘I’m straight’, and we both walked away.”