CeCe Houston Wants Khrissy's Pimpn Fiance to Sign Pre-nup

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Nick Gordon & Bobbi Kris Marry

20-Million Dollar Trap?

If the Krissi’s marriage to Nick must go down, Cissy Houston is fighting for the 24-year-old to sign a pre-nup. Know why? Because the Matriarch of the Houston family is convinced he’s only marrying her granddaughter for her money — that’s $20-million [in cash and assets], Whitney left her.

Bobbi Kris & Nick Gordon Engaged

Here’s what The Enquirer is reporting:

“Cissy is determined to convince her granddaughter that she’s making a big mistake. If that doesn’t work, she’ll instruct her attorney to draw up an airtight prenuptial agreement for Nick to sign.”

Here’s what a source had to say:

“Cissy’s worst fears are coming true. She never trusted Nick and says he’s an opportunist with no job. She’s convinced that he’s only marrying Krissi to get a piece of Whitney’s $20 million estate.”

Cissy Houston Not Happy About Bobbi Kris Engagement

I'd say leave them alone, but seeing how tragic her mothers life was in the end.  Then its no wonder they don't want lil Bobbie Kristina going down the same toxic path.  Seeing her on that show with her family was a pre-cursor to whats to come.  You don't think they were excited to get that footage as a preliminary to her death.  I'm just saying she dies a drug fueled death they have footage to fall back on, to say we'd seen this coming based on her behavior , despicable  as it was. smdh #MobettaThoughts