@50Cent "Have a Baby by me Baby, dont be a Millionaire".

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Ha its funny cuz I remember when "Have a baby wit me" came out and thinking to myself, yea he say that now til he get one of these gold digging hoes knocked up; Sure enough and who know's if this is the only one he has since that song.  Hell people aint even know he had this one til he whooped her ass.  IJS lets keep it real.  The fact that he treats his oldest son like sh*t should tell you.  He take care of Floyd Mayweather son better then his own..smdh  spent more quality time this his own in his life, more likely. It'd be funny if @RickRozay came out taking care of his Baby mama and his Son like he tried to do with Rozay before he found out wasn't even his.. #MobettaThoughts Read the rest after the bump..
( 4UMF NEWS ) 50 Cent Court Hearing Pushed Back:
Rapper 50 Cent’s arraignment on domestic violence and vandalism charges has been postponed until Aug. 5, the Los Angeles city attorney said Monday.
Defense attorneys for the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, requested the delay so they can arrange for Jackson to appear in court, among other reasons, officials said.
Jackson was charged with one count of domestic violence and four counts of vandalism earlier this month in connection with a June 23 incident at his former girlfriend’s Toluca Lake condo.
Jackson and his former girlfriend — whom the rapper dated for three years and with whom he has a child — were arguing when the woman locked herself in the bathroom. Jackson allegedly kicked open the door and kicked her before someone called police.
Authorities say Jackson also destroyed $7,100 worth of property, including chandeliers, furniture, lamps and a television. He left the scene before police arrived.
Jackson faces up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines, according to prosecutors