Mind Blowing Hollweird Secrets?!

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I was a bit shocked reading some of this scoop I caught on the low, now Im not sure if its true or not I'll leave you to judge. Click To read more

Some I've heard before, others are shocking/not sure if true

Clint Eastwood was the kept boy of a gay director in his younger years.

Kirk Douglas is a rapist

Ellen DeGeneres is an alcoholic and a total bitch in private. She's a tyrant to her staff. Complete opposite of her public image.

I had a friend who interned on the Ellen Show and she said that she was shocked to find out how not like her public persona Ellen is. One story was that Ellen had just finished taping a show/promo and was all goofy and fun. She said as soon as the taping was done it was like someone had flipped a switch and she was yelling and screaming at people.

She said she felt sorry for her because she thought that she was actually quite lonely and didn't feel people were genuinely interested in her not just trying to "get something" from her.

Walt Disney had sex with Bobby Driscoll until he was a teenager. Then dumped him. Too old for Walt. Meanwhile Walt fired a Mouseketeer because he was gay. The guy later became minister of a gay church

Leo DiCaprio is gay, gay, gay and has been in an open relationship with Lukas Haas for many years.

I knew an escort who told me he used to go to Leonardo DiCaprio's house and fuck him. He said he didn't like his body because it wasn't muscular and just "weird". He also went to John Travolta's house, said he was very nice and had a big cock. He told me he also had 3-ways with the actor who played one of the older brother's in, "Malcolm In The Middle" - "Reese" - Justin Berfield.

I also worked on the "Alias" set and Jennifer Garner is a total bitch. She'll say 'hi' to people and the split second she turns away, her fake smile is gone. She totally broke Michael Vartan's heart, threw all his stuff out of their house, changed the locks and wouldn't answer his calls. She's totally cold and calculating. I'm not surprised to hear that Ben Affleck is cheating on her. She's probably cheating too.

Johnny Depp is bi and back in the late 90s I knew a black male escort in NY who Depp liked to hire. Depp was a top.

Tim Robbins is also bi and keeps (or kept, it was a few years ago when I heard this) an apt. in NY for his male trysts. He liked his guys barely-legal.

A friend of mine got fucked by Zach Quinto. Very aggresive in bed, kind of a weirdo but an overall nice guy

Jack Nicholson used to fuck underaged girls. In fact there would be parties where these girls were brought in just to be fucked.

Demi Moore has herpes.

Tom Hanks was addicted to painkillers and did a stint at Promises.

Affleck and Damon didn't write Goodwill Hunting

The entire cast of Star Wars loved to hoover up coke back in the day. Of course, we all know about Carrie Fisher but Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill were into coke too. You have to remember, though, that most of Hollywood was very cokey back then. The short list would be people who DIDN'T do it.

Denise Richards was a Heidi Fliess worker

Scott Foley caught Jennifer Garner blowing Michael Vartan in her trailer. It caused a huge fight on the set between Vartan and Foley. Years later Vartan intercepted an email from Jennifer to Ben Affleck which caused Vartan to confront Ben at the Barnes & Noble

Steven Spielberg is into teenage boys.

Anjelica Huston had an incestuous relationship with her father.

Jennifer Aniston had 2 abortions while married to Brad Pitt.

P Diddy or whatever his name is flew a 17 year old (female) classmate to New York. I don't know if they had sex, but she wasn't the type to lie...especially about something as trivial as that. Point is, I'd be more inclined to believe he likes barely legal girls rather than being flat out gay.