Police State What, Were already Living in..

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Theres alot of things we as a people, humanity have failed to understand in the past few decades and thats learning from our past mistakes and history.. Its gotten to the point now adays it doesnt matter if your black or white...Yes I do believe Michael Jackson said it best. They do not care, and now your telling me that were going to allow them to take our right to bear arms away..

With the reasoning behind Mental instability of a few others in our society. When the main concern should be the mental stability of those who are allowed to make daily decisions in regards to human safety, life and value with multiple choices of weapons and tasks forces they have to choose from...Batons, Guns (Semi/Automatic/Revolers), Battalion Gear,Pepper Spray, Tasers, Super Charged cars and lets not get started on S.W.A.T. & all the gear they have access to.. You want me to feel safe take guns from them as well... Click to read More...Check out the Video after the break

  I think the video below is a shining example as to why we musnt conform to a Gun Ban...I dont support murder in any shape or form, but honestly more people die everyday from Police Brutality and drunk driving alone then guns themselves..And anything can be construde as a weapon just take in all the excuses and reasonings the cops give for killing those we consider our Fathers,Mothers, Daughters and Sons... The Veil has been lifted.. Theres 5 things I want you to research on your own so you may better understand my position on where we are going in the New World of ours... YouTube Preferably but searcb engnines themselves will lead you in the same direction as far what your conscious is needing to know...

1.Bible-Thes 2:1-10 & Revelations (In its Entirety)
2.Satanism in the Industry
3.New World Order/RFID Chips/Mark of the Beast


My Great Grandmother (Big Mama) use to sing a Hymm that stuck with me til this day..
I got a Bible in my home, I got a Bible in my home and when I die and my soul is gone its nobody fault but mine...Repeat. (Thats it, you better start opening your eyes people)  I use to think my Big Mama was crazy when she'd say "Were in our last days baby".  But her words could never be more true today then it was then and she didnt even have internet or a TV she just assesed what was happening in her county and her community..So I beg you..I have my hahaha moments..Mind you im a comedian but I find nothing funny about losing my Human Rights..My natural born rights to do as I please on this earth and that has nothing to do within itself to just Bear arms..But not to be harrased by the Government or the people I pay to protect me..What kind of shit is that..You telling me I pay taxes to get harrased and get my basic human rights snatched away from me..Also some great people to check out is Ex-Govenor Jesse Ventura anything with his name on it is truth  also check out infowars.com... Open your eyes people..FEMA's already got Million of Caskets with nobodys name on it just waiting for a well planned disaster to use em...And your name I say could be on it but honestly I can bet they could care less what your name is when there dumping you into the Big Black Bins they call caskets...So the first video you should see is Jesse Ventura's Police State/FEMA they banned it from TRU TV because it was the Truth...