"Somebody Done Told You Wrong"

Maybe it's my bad that the people who are involved in my life take to much stake in having an opinion of "my life". So I apologize if I eluded that I gavey a fuck. I'm so tired of people talking about freedom of speech & then putting a decorum on it as though God made them the authority of what should come out of my mouth. If you don't like what I have to say don't fuck with me as simple as that. My day goes on, my bills get paid. This is just the beginning .. I'm Happy so just let me be. Don't disrespect or disregard my civil rights. People want to talk about feelings & keeping other people's in check when we're all responsible for how we feel. A baby even holds the decision on being fussy or happy especially when every immediate need they have has been met. They still have the choice to be upset. Start making smart decisions in your emotional health & be ok with the mistakes you make. Be aware of what you consider a mistake, something's you just have no control over. Missing the light because of the car that was in front of you is not a good reason for your day to be ruined. Slowing down & taking your time is more peaceful then being in a rush. Take your time... Don't allow any to defer your dreams or thoughts... Keep moving don't become a stalemate. Thank God for always getting you through & making you stronger and most importantly be true to yourself.Wishing you a Mobetta Day-DaQueen Mobetta