OLawd! Chad Johnson Breaks his "No Contact Order"

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: MediaTakeOut.com just received a report, that NFL star Chad Johnson has WILLFULLY BROKEN a court order to not contact Evelyn Lozada . . . all so that he could BEG HER FORGIVENESS.
As a condition of his release, the judge ordered a "NO CONTACT" order - saying that Chad can not approach or IN ANY WAY contact Evelyn. Violating a no contact order could be a FELONY!!!
Anyways, the report ain't coming from us, so we can't CO-SIGN. But it is coming from the USUALLY RELIABLE Radar Online. Here is what they say:
He is desperate to win Evelyn back, so he feels he has at least one person on his team, but she is resolute that is NOT going to happen.

“Chad has been tearfully calling and texting Ev, pouring his heart out to her and telling how sorry he is and how he has never loved anyone before as he loves her. But, it’s just too little too late.
Wow if this is true . . . Chad may be heading BACK to jail. SMH