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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion TEA! Did Lil Scrappy Propose To Erica Dixon aka “Baby Mama”?

Aug, 2 2012 | Written by ATLien
Word on the curb is that Lil Scrappy may have just upgraded “Baby Mama” aka Erica Dixon!
[WATCH: All About Erica Dixon... VIDEO]
I revealed to you a few weeks ago that most (if not all) of Lil Scrappy’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta checks have been going straight into the account of Dixon, who he reportedly owes several thousands in child support for their young daughter Imani.
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Scrappy also caught a ton of flack around town when he allowed himself to be filmed on the show begging his Baby Mama to remove him from the court ordered support payments, instead asking her to allow him to pay her “in lump sums.”
Well peep game… Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon are rumored to now be ENGAGED!!!
Sources say that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion is sure to be pretty explosive.
There are several stories that sprang from the 10+ hours of taping they did in New York earlier this week, but the one that struck me most was that Lil Scrappy actually PROPOSED to his baby mama Erica Dixon!
[Sidebar: Looks like Erica's involvement with that married dude worked in her favor after all... ]
It kinda explains these subliminal retweets exchanged recently between Dixon and Scrappy’s “best friend” Shay “Buckeey” Johnson:

Lil Scrappy’s
jumpoff love interest/best friend Buckeey is said to have been pisssssssed off to find out that Scrap was actually still very much involved with Erica! In fact, THEY SAY that when Buckeey finally taped her segment of the show, she and Scrappy exchanged quite a few words and she even spilled the tea about him having a few bills IN HER NAME?!?
[Sidebar: When will you women EVER learn that if they f*ck up THEIR credit they'll f*ck up yours too!?! But I digress...]
Shay was so disturbed by the entire revelation that she ended up running off the set in tears…. OVER SCRAPPY! (chile bye!)
Seems like Scrappy (who was feeling some kinda way about being seen as a deadbeat dad) figured it would be a good look to stick with the good girl. Or that it’s cheaper to keep her!
If ya’ll spot Erica’s ring around lemme know. I’d love to see the size stone Scrappy chose for “Baby Mama”.
I wonder what MommaDee thinks about all this…

Keep this in your mental reality show file and when the reunion airs remember where you heard it first!
I wonder if Shay will attend the wedding…

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