Joseline Hernandez Camp Worried about her OD on Steroids

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Sandra Rose Reports
Moments ago I received a call from someone within the camp of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez.
The confidential source, who begged for anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the subject, said Joseline’s friends worry (Click to Read More)

 that she might overdose on male hormone shots. He said Joseline is growing increasingly dependent upon the drug to keep the body fat away.
The source said it is routine for strippers in Miami to inject themselves with male hormones to melt body fat and to make their curves appear “cut”.

Joseline is allegedly “shooting up” as she races around the country making club appearances every night for cash, according to the source. “Her schedule doesn’t give her time to hit the gym to give her body that look that she likes.”
“There are many different types of steroids that have different effects on men and women,” said the source, who is familiar with steroids. “In Joseline’s case, the hormones makes her moody and makes her body look too manly.”
Steroid use comes with other worrisome side effects. The friend said Joseline is forced to shave her face and extremities to get rid of excess body hair. Joseline’s camp worries that the aggression and heart problems that accompanies illegal steroid use could kill Joseline.

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