A Shot in the Dark by Toya Carter to ATL Love & HipHop KMichelle

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Hmmmm so turns out Toya and her husband Memphitz missed  the premiere episode of Love & HipHop ATL because they were off in Paris celebrating there one year weddin anniversary. Awwwww.  So what does Toya post on her instagram the day afterwards..Well check below and you decipher whether or not i was a shot in the dark.. I mean is she speaking on behalf of her Hubby or just in General..I dunnom but Im certain all though there all the way out in France, Toya's Family an Loyal friends updated her to the Tea, honey..Not that they all havent dealt with the issue in private already.  Im certain the premier last night opened up old wounds for alot of people.. Click read more to check out the pics from Paris with Mr & Mrs.Wright

                                     The picture above of Sexy Memphitz read "Fuck whatchu heard dey
                                      dont make em like this no mo"

                                     In the caption the one above read."My eyes are telling a Story"
                                       What do you think her eyes are saying...