Drake Fuxs up Chris Brown Face!! Updated W/Video of Fight

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By now you’ve heard about the beat down that Chris Brown got at the hands of rapper Drake last night! Supposedly, Drake and Rihanna were getting it in while she was supposedly still with Brown — and Brown never got over the diss.

Initially the beef was between Meek Mills (who was incorrectly rumored to be dating Rihanna) — and Chris Brown. That’s why Meek jumped into the fight. Here’s what happened last night according to my confidential source, who was in the club at the time.
The club WIP NYC (the bottom level of Green House) was packed with A and B-list celebrities, Fabolous, Ne-Yo, Tray Songz, Teyana Taylor, Meek Mill. Suddenly the DJ shouts out “DRAKE IS IN THE HOUSE!” Drake dipped into the VIP with his boys. According to my source, Chris Brown was in the club with some Bloods gang members. Meek was in the club with his “grimy Philly n*ggas”.

After showing love to Drake and his crew, the DJ played one of Meek Mills’ tracks. After that, the DJ played a Chris Brown record. Drake, who was dancing on a table, jumped down off the table, like, “Naw, I don’t f*ck with that n*gga!”
CB starts popping off at the mouth as Drake walks over him. Drake allegedly grabbed a bottle off a nearby table and throws it in the general direction of Chris Brown’s head. At that point, bottles start flying like a blizzard around the club.
My source said Drake ran into a bathroom as the melee started — a melee that he initially started. Meek Mill’s people started throwing bottles as security escorted Chris Brown’s frightened girl, Karrueche Tran, out of the club to safety.
Brown allegedly shouted: “Pu$$y ass ni**a hiding in the bathroom!”
Chris Brown’s security landed in the hospital, but Chris suffered a laceration on his chin. No other injuries were reported.
The Chris Brown/Drake camps will meet again at the BET Awards on July 1st for round 2!
Courtesy of SandraRose.com