Girl Nearly Stabbed to death! At School?!

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A girl of 14 was stabbed nine times in the neck yesterday as she was about to walk through her school gates.

Chloe West was attacked from behind by an 18-year-old man – said to be a former boyfriend and the son of a teacher – who had driven up a quiet tree-lined street at 60mph to confront her.

He was said by pupils to have been angry with her after she apparently failed to respond to text messages.

Stabbed: Chloe West, 14, was attacked outside her school in Stourbridge on Friday morning
Stabbed: Chloe West, 14, was attacked outside her school in Stourbridge on Friday morning. She is pictured here taking a riding lesson

Investigation: Police outside Ridgewood High School investigate the stabbing of a teenage girl
Police cordon: Ridgewood High School, Stourbridge, is sealed off as police investigate the attack

A 16-year-old pupil ‘rugby tackled’ the man to the ground and a teacher and a parent subdued him until police arrived at Ridgewood High School in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Superintendent Stuart Johnson said their ‘incredibly brave’ intervention may have saved the teenager’s life.

Chloe, a keen rider who keeps her own horse nearby, was airlifted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where she had surgery on wounds to her face, head and neck.

Last night she was in a stable condition. Her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Her alleged attacker was identified locally as Sam Tomlinson, the son of a teacher.

Chloe’s best friend told of the terrifying moment the knifeman struck. Ella Hill, 14, said she jumped on his back and pulled his hair in an unsuccessful attempt to halt the attack, carried out with what appeared to be a kitchen knife.

Speaking with her parents’ permission, Ella said the assailant stopped his car, jumped out and started yelling: ‘Why haven’t you been talking to me.’

She added: ‘Chloe replied to him, “What are you doing here?, why are you here?” Then he grabbed Chloe in a headlock and started hitting her in the face.

‘I jumped on him and started trying to pull him back, but he threw me off and on to the floor and then he got Chloe on the floor and then got on top of her and started to stab her.

‘He was stabbing her in the face and the neck. There was blood all over her. I couldn’t recognise her face.’

Sam Tomlinson
Chloe West
An 18-year-old man, named locally as Sam Tomlinson (left) is alleged to have stabbed 14-year-old Chloe West (right) outside her West Midlands school

Police said the knifeman had been seen cruising up and down the road shortly before the attack.

Some students said he slashed her across the face as well as stabbing her after the schoolgirl apparently ignored a series of text messages from him.

Others said Chloe had recently rejected him.

Police confirmed the pair knew each other but said they were still trying to establish the exact nature of their relationship. Chloe lives with her 12-year-old brother, Jack, and parents Nigel, 53, a painter and decorator, and Rosemary, a 47-year-old cleaner, in a semi-detached home less than a mile from the school.

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