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Pimpin’ ain’t dead, it just moved to Twitter and Facebook!

Social media has become way more ‘social’ these days and the FBI is out to put a stop to illegal activity.
Marquist Bradford (pictured above) is being sought by the feds after he used his Twitter and Facebook accounts to allegedly pimp out underage girls online.
The 26 year-old Chicago native caught the eye of federal authorities after a 15-year-old girl told cops she had escaped from her pimp, whom she identified as Bradford.
Details + more photos of the “Twitter Pimp” below…
Bradford, a wannabe rapper who goes by the stage name “King Kutta Mackin” most recently resided in Sacramento, California, where federal investigators searched his apartment in early-February.
The Chicago native’s Twitter account, @king_kutta has since been taken offline, but one of Bradford’s last tweets was posted just days ago and it referenced pimpin.
“Just put a new bitch down $$ let’s see if she can keep dis money comin round $.”
According to investigators, the underaged girl said she was referred to “King Kutta Mackin” by a 17-year-old prostitute whom she befriended. The older girl, who worked for Bradford, was known as “Princess.”
According to court documents obtained by TheSmokingGun, the underaged girl communicated with Bradford for several weeks via Facebook and he eventually bought a bus ticket for the 15-year-old, who traveled from Fresno to Sacramento and began living with the alleged pimp in his apartment.
Immediately upon her arrival, Bradford allegedly “posted advertisements for her as a prostitute” on an escort service web site.
The girl told federal agents that she worked as a hooker for Bradford “for at least two weeks” in Santa Rosa, Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, and San Jose.
The teenager added that she believed that “Princess” had been “working as a prostitute for Bradford for the past three years.”
The 15-year-old said that she fled from Bradford after he beat her for not listening to him.
The girl said that the alleged pimp “knocked her to the ground, then began stomping in her upper body.” She added that Bradford had, days earlier, administered a similar beating to “Princess,” who “still had visible injuries.”
Since the filing, federal agents have monitored Bradford’s Facebook page and determined that he has traveled from Sacramento with “Princess” and “appeared to be continuing to pimp in Chicago, Virginia, and New York.”
Court documents allege that Bradford has a “lengthy history” of pimping minors, and that he carried around a black laptop and frequently used online outlets to advertise an assortment of prostitutes.
So is “Twitter Pimpin’” the new thing now? :shock: I’ll never understand how you people figure you can utilize the internet for criminal activities without being caught. Y’all haven’t figured out that posting photos online posing with hands full cash would be the first clue for law enforcement seeking your dumb “A”zz?
He’ll be caught soon. Especially since he can’t stay offline…

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