#EddieMurphy Breaks it off w/ #JohnnyGill

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HSK Exclusive - Ever wonder why Eddie Murphy doesn’t appear as tight as he once did with Johnny Gill? Guess what, HSK has the answer!
From what we’ve learned, Johnny Gill, says his former comedian friend is nothing more than a trick. It seems that Eddie grew hip to how Johnny viewed him after the former New Edition member asked him to buy him a $3M-dollar house! Don’t believe me.. Ask Rich Murphy.
Here’s what our inside source had to say about the situation:
“Johnny wasn’t making music when he was hanging with Eddie. He believed Eddie was responsible for that. Johnny figured Eddie owed him, so he asked Eddie to buy him a $3 million home. Eddie said ‘Johnny was hanging with me all this time, only for the money’, and Eddie got paranoid.” That’s when Eddie told Johnny to fuck off.”
So, are Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy talking again? We’re told they occasionally kick it over the phone. Don’t believe me.. Ask Miguel A. Nunez Jr.
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