Disturbing 911 Call4 #TrayvonMartin

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            Killer George Zimmerman (L) and Young Victim Trayvon Martin (R)

Its very rare anything riles me up but after following this story as much as I have these past few weeks.  It shocks me in light of everything thats been to surface ie, ex. Neighbors saying they heard a young man crying for help, the fact he was just walking to the store to buy candy for his younger brother, the 911 tapes they finally released where you hear the operator clearly tell George Zimmerman not to follow or confront suspect. 

After all that the Sanford Police Dept. have yet to press charges and arrest this man. Damn a Kony right now, what about Trayvon Martin and all the other young and Innocent Black Men in America who walk these streets, knowing at any given moment someones fears could single them out, with the lousy excuse of self defense as to why they were shot and killed.  I'm all for saving African Children, but we have to get in mind of saving our own here first.  I cant put out a fire in a village 5 towns over if my house is burning down.  I'm just saying..Where is the "Justice" in his death.  He died for nothing if this man isn't convicted and tried for Murder. Thats all this was, and I didnt know Trayvon but I'll be damned to not say anything, It could of been anyones son.

As of today:
The Rev. Al Sharpton announced through social media that he will be visiting Sanford next week to hold a rally for slain Miami teen Trayvon Martin, whose killing by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer has sparked national outrage.

The rally is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford, according to his social-media sites.