@PilarSanders Deion Wants #Sex4Money

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Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders

Now I'm all for getting some (heyyy) specially if ya married still, question is do you think Deion Sanders crossing an habitual line by requesting his still legally married wife perform sexual activities for money.. I mean isnt that what she was doing all along.. I dont know I aint never been married so question is up in the air, as to is this right. I cant say one way or the other but I can say if Deion need anything done, a quart of a mill is my fee #FacedAss.. Im just saying pass that money on down sister. If my ex boyfriend could afford to pay multiple car notes, mansions let alone some uhh sex I'd be over der negotiating right damn now..Im just saying. Check the report below..

TMZ Reportts
Pilar Sanders claims Deion Sanders is holding her as a "financial hostage" ... completely severing her cash flow ... and has only offered to give her money in exchange for sex ... this according to new court papers obtained by TMZ.

Pilar has filed an emergency motion in a Texas courtroom ... claiming the NFL legend has canceled her credit cards and left her without any financial means to support herself and their children ... and she needs the judge to force Deion to give her money so she can survive.

In the docs, Pilar claims, "Since [Deion] filed for divorce on December 21, 2011, he has given [Pilar] $300.00 and offered her money in exchange for sexual favors."

She then notes, "Pilar turned down the money."

Pilar is begging the court to force Deion to give her money stat ... claiming "The children and I have lived in survival mode for several months, and the emotional toll on all of us is palpable."

Pilar also claims Deion has canceled her cell phone and has "engaged in a pattern of systematically removing my belongings from the house and haphazardly throwing them into piles in the garage of the residence."

Pilar claims Deion still rakes in more than $1 million per year ... and she NEEDS a cut of his income to survive.

Calls to Deion's reps have not been returned.
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If you were in Pilar Shoes What would you do?

  • Hell, I'd take his money. Pop my ass so hard he'd thought I was cheating with Orville Redenbacher
  • Just report how much of a scum he is to the media.
  • Ignore what he even said and find a way to get that pre-nupt tossed out with his cheating azz
  • Wouldnt even worry bout it.


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