@NickCannon Film Project in Works

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Alot of people have been sleeping on Nick Cannon, he's one of the most classy, wild & crazy talented brothers out here in the game right now.  Think about it he's been in the industry since he was pre-teen starting out on Nickolodeon on the hit show "Its all That".  Now he's back as Chairman and development consultant for TeenNick.  Now thats a full circle.  Not even Britney can do that with Disney.  Theres no one in there right mind at Disney to name her Chairman much more let her sit in a chair in they office.  And if they do Lord, Krishna and Buddha help em. He's so much more then we all know.  Its alot of things he's just behind the scenes on ,check his IMDB. Page it list just how much that is (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0134244/). This is just in film it mentions nothing about his Radio show (http://nownation.923now.radio.com). He's a multi-tude of talent and I'm excited for him in this new journey he's partaking in by Lauching his own with such a great Name as LionsGate backing him.  I cant wait to see what its about, because Cannon Brand is all about  Quality.  So check out what our folks over at BET.Com have to say about em after the Jump... Click to Read more

Cannon will be making his directorial debut on a movie project with Lionsgate, which he describes as "today's version of House Party." The actor-rapper, who has spent plenty of time in front of the camera hosting America's Got Talent and MTV's Wild 'N Out, says to Page Six, “[I’m] taking a lot of the young hip hop acts of today and putting them in a movie with a bunch of comedians, make something happen there.”