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 Brandy and Monica's new #Hot Single "It all Belongs 2me". Produced by Rico Love #LoveHim #McSexy & #McDreamy rolled \into one.. (Shivers from the thought of his touch). I love the fact that Brandy and Monica both decided to come together again, after there first debacle on the "Boy is Mine", which I honestly never believed there was a problem to begin with.  I just think it was just generated hype for the song at the time.  Because what were you arguing about when that song came out, neither one of you wrote it, you just Collaborated.  So when you when you were presented with the song more then likely you were informed of which part was yours; If you werent then why not be mad at whoever set the whole thing up... Im just saying come on.. But I love this joint so click read more to check out.

                                       Monica & Brandy "It All Belongs 2Me"