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                             No cast has been set for "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" but this is the cast from season two of the original.
No cast has been set for "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" but this is the cast from season two of the original.

O lawd so we have some "Southern Styled" Love and HipHop Drama to look forward to coming out of Atlanta.  I have a my top 4 I'd like to see My first pick would be Scrappys ex-boo and #CrimeMob Member "Diamond". I mean they just recently broke up sometime last year and had gotten into it when he found out Diamond started dating "Soulja Boy".  Which set Scrappy and Mama D off (Scrappy Ex-Pimp of a Mama). Check parts of the interview below; Maybe you can tell me why Soulja Boy looks like a Damn Corpse in this picture below with Diamond, Like wax. Atleast he'd be casket sharp if he were in one in this pic. (read on to get to 2nd choice)

Diamond x Soulja Boy Dating, Lil Scrappy’s Mama Goes HAM On The Radio

After lady rapper and former Crime Mob diva Diamond had been spotted chilling with Soulja Boy numerous times and now out and about at the Atlanta Car Show stunting in some brand new Christian Louboutin’s (we know you ain’t buy those yourself, Diamond!), Scrappy’s mother is not going to be the one to keep quiet in all this mess.
The on again off again couple called it quits a few times with the last time being this year, and Diamond has moved on with her hoe’in ways. Take a look at what Scrappy‘s mother, Mama D, had to say about all this drama to The Dirty Boyz on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 radio, and listen to the audio here.
Okay, the b*tch done got breast implants and booty shots, the b*tch ain’t real first of all. Secondly, Soulja boy is gonna come behind him anyway. So at the end of the day Scrappy is chilling, he’s fine, he’s the Prince of the South and he got it good. He’s living good and he ain’t thinking about that bitch…dirty low down b*tch.
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                                        ecreia-perez-mugshot                                           Ecreia Perez (Shawty-Lo BabyMama)

                                        My second choice for Atlanta's Love & HipHop would be Shawty Lo Baby Mama she most notably gotten arrested back in 2010 for trying to bring  attempting to bring a handgun and a stun gun that resembled a cell phone into  an Atlanta courthouse.  Simply because every show needs a Christy.. If she aint about as ignant (ignorant) for trying to sneak that into Courthouse.. I mean what did you think you were going to get away with doing in there with that.  Be different if you thought of the plan if there ever was one.. Now we see why Shawty-Lo broke it off with her Crazy ass, if Only Jimmy had the balls. Now I hear that Chrissy is either supposedly Fat or pregnant either way he's in s whole heap of trouble trying to back out of that relationship.  I heard Chrissy has dem peoples she can call up and sick em on folks. So imma back out of that convo, she send anybody round dis way we gone have a problem.

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My 3rd choice would be Euxodie Ludacris's Girl Friend Euxodie..Simply because, you need to actually have one who has a man in a Atlanta..She seems smart, heard she dropped out of Medical School for Luda..But thats neither here nor there (I wouldnt of done it then again I dropped out of Community College and havent looked since then (shrugs shoulders) and i've made a great life for myself.) Maybe she can explain there Halloween GitUp where she allowed Luda to wrap chains round her neck and let him walk around like he was a Damn Lion Hunter..(wished i could find a pic)

My 4th choice would be an actual wife, and you never really get to experience Mrs.BigBoi.  I dont even know her name..Okay so I just googled it, its Sherlita Patton (cute)..   Leave comments and tell me what you think.